We’ve Got Waldo

Again this summer, we’re excited to partner with Waldo Photos, a photo delivery service where you can get all the photos of your camper delivered straight to your phone! No more searching for hours for proof of fun!

This optional service uses facial recognition to match your camper’s face to photos in our album, and then sends them to your phone via the Waldo app with notifications when new photos are found. Only one parent enrolls per camper. You can then invite 6 other family members to also receive your camper’s photos! Learn how it works in this quick video.

How to enroll:
Tap here or text RAC21 to 735-343 and follow the prompts.

Cost per camper

1 Week Session: $14.99
2 Week Session: $24.99

**50% of the proceeds generated goes to our camp scholarship program!

Need help? Email support@waldophotos.com.