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What We Offer

Our summer program consists of a variety of residential experiences for young people beginning the summer before 5th grade and continuing through senior year in high school.  In addition, we have backpacking and camping opportunities for adults and families.

Our girl’s and boy’s programs are offered during the same week, however, the groups, overnights and most activities will all be separate.  The Graduate, Adult and Family Camp programs are co-ed.


On overnight backpacking trips, campers cook their own meals on camping stoves and have access to filtered water.  Our groups follow standard Leave-No-Trace wilderness ethics and give the campers an opportunity to experience living away from indoor plumbing and electricity and surrounded by the sights and sounds of God’s creation. Overnights are an amazing opportunity for groups to pull together and for campers to fall in love with the outdoors.

The Structure

Five to ten campers and two counselors form an independent family unit for the duration of the program.  As a group, they plan their daily activities and learn to work in constructive and cooperative ways with others. Group games and activities emphasize supporting one another, developing teamwork and leadership skills.  During family camp, the individual family is the primary unit.

Programs are designed to include age appropriate outdoor education and adventure activities as well as experiences in community life, spiritual enrichment and faith formation.

The Facilities

Campers sleep on the ground under the stars with their group and enjoy an all-camp campfire to begin and end the week.  Our camp facilities are rustic; but do include flushing toilets as well as plenty of hot water for showers. Our restaurant sized kitchen harbors an excellent kitchen staff.  Well-balanced meals are provided to the campers at regular intervals including fresh fruit, an afternoon and evening snack and, our own tradition, daily snow cones.

Spiritual Enrichment

There are no formal religion classes; however, our programs are designed specifically to integrate Christian values into everyday activities. The campers are involved in the planning, preparation and leadership of the daily morning prayers. Often the camper’s voices will echo down the valley as we sing “grace” before each meal.

Each evening in their family groups they spend time reflecting on the day’s challenges, affirming one another for their accomplishments and closing the day in reflection and prayer

Personal Growth & Challenge

In an atmosphere of trust and choice, campers are able to test potentials and limitations, which in turn develop self-esteem and confidence.  Each person is challenged toward full, personal growth and an appreciation of individuality and the joy of sharing in community. Whether it be archery, crafts, swimming, or hiking, or horseback riding they are encouraged as much as possible, within clear safety guidelines, to make decisions and to be responsible for their successes and failures.

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