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We receive many calls from anxious parents of first time campers wanting to know what exactly a day at Redwood Adventure Camp looks like.  The following is an example of our daily schedule and some descriptions of the typical activities your campers may participate in.

Campers decide as a group which activities they will be participating in.  “Activity Periods” include all of the following:

 Crafts  Swimming  Mountain Hiking
 Horseback Riding  River Hiking  Ropes/Challenge Course
 Camp Improvement  Archery  Overnight Backpacking
Riflery Nature Overnight Backpacking

8:00am  RISE AND SHINE!!!

8:20am  FLAG CEREMONY: One group hosts the morning festivities of raising the American Flag, singing morning songs and taking the weather stats from our in-house equipment.  Campers will also receive announcements about the days schedule of activities. Ceremony ends with the campers  finding a creative way of asking the cooks for breakfast (which is ALWAYS answered with a “yes”).

8:30am  BREAKFAST: All meals begin by groups saying or singing traditional songs of grace.  Campers enjoy a hot, nutritious meal prepared by our skilled kitchen staff. Breakfast and Dinner both end with groups finding imaginative and fun ways to thank the cooks for their hard work on a meal well done. This might be a skit, song, or other positive ways to show appreciation.

9:00am  MORNING PRAYER: Groups of campers “host” the prayer session.  The campers determine a theme for the session and find Bible readings or inspirational literature and songs that accompany the theme. Examples of themes may be: Sharing your gifts, helping others or how we treat other.  The session always includes a group discussion and end in prayer.



12:00pm LUNCH

12:30pm REST PERIOD: Campers go back to their campsites with supervision for an hour break.  This is a great time to write letters, play cards…or simply rest!


3:00PM SNOW CONES!!! This is one of the most talked about traditions at Redwood Adventure Camp.  Campers have the luxury of enjoying a nice, cool snow cone every afternoon.



5:45pm DINNER

6:45pm FLAG CEREMONY: One group hosts the closing of the day by lowering the American Flag. Campers receive email/mail call just before the flag ceremony.  They then get the exciting news of what games they will be playing for evening activity.

7:00pm  EVENING ACTIVITY: This is a chance for campers to mingle with one another as they play camp wide games of capture the flag, soccer, water sports and more.

10:00pm LIGHTS OUT: Campers return to their campsites to bed down for the evening.  Their counselor leads them in a group discussion about how they achieved their “challenge” of the day, give and receive affirmations and close the day with prayer.

All forms with the exception of the Immunization Record & Health Exam Form are available for submission through our registration portal.  Please pay close attention to the requirements for each form listed here.

All forms must be completed and submitted by July 1st prior to our camping season.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about forms.  Immunization Records and completed Health Exam Forms can be uploaded to your registration portal or mailed to: Redwood Adventure Camp, P.O. Box 2156, Napa, CA 94558 | office@redwoodadventure.org.

Youth Camp & Family Camp Program Forms

Medical Form (required for all): Must be completed through our registration portal by parent/guardian or Family Camp adult and updated each year of participation.

Additional Information, Permissions and Agreements (required for all):  Must be completed through our registration portal by parent/guardian or Family Camp adult and updated each year of participation.

Information for the Counselor: Must be completed by the parent/guardian through our registration portal for campers participating in all core and challenge programs as well as campers in the advanced and Adventure/Survival programs who are new to Redwood Adventure Camp.

Immunization Record/Health Exam (required): This form should be downloaded and completed by your family physician. It is required for all new campers and must be updated for any camper participating for the first time in the Advanced or Adventure/Survival programs, and all Graduate program participants. It is required for all CIT or new staff members. Staff members and Family Camp participants are required to complete physicals every four years. If there has been a major change in a camper’s health from the previous year, failing to recognize and disclose health changes could put your camper and others at risk. New medicines, surgery, illness, and changes in disease process are all reasons to ask your provider to reassess the participant’s health status and fitness to participate.

To Download a pdf copy Click Here!

For the Graduate Program packing list, Click Here!

For a separate Family Camp packing list, Click Here!

The following is a list of items that are recommended for packing.

When preparing your camper for their departure, please keep in mind that they will be sleeping and playing in the out of doors.  Please do not hesitate to contact our office should you have any questions regarding what your camper should bring with them. Electronic equipment of any kind is prohibited at camp with the exception of a camera.  Cell phones do not work at Camp. A small inexpensive camera is recommended due to the rugged nature of the terrain and the proximity of water. Redwood Adventure Camp is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal equipment brought to camp.  Any equipment brought to camp besides a camera will be confiscated and returned to the camper at the end of the week.

The use of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs is strictly forbidden to campers and staff alike.  The parent of a camper who brings drugs to camp will be called to pick up their child immediately, and no refund will be issued.

 What to pack:
• long pants
• shorts
• short- & long-sleeved shirts
• plenty of socks and underwear
• warm jacket
• swim suit
• towel
• comfortable hiking shoes (please break them in before coming to Camp)
• sandals for hiking in the river (Teva-style is best, not flip-flops)
• sleeping bag
• thin (Thermarest-style) sleeping pad
• sunscreen
• mosquito repellent
• toiletries
• chapstick
• stationery & stamps
• flashlight
• water bottle
• sunglasses
• pocket knife
recommended but not required: Bible, journal, hiking backpack, playing cards/books/etc. for rest periods, rain jacket, extra flashlight batteries


What not to pack:
• CD’s
• Portable game players
• Walkman’s
• iPods
• radios
• cell phones
• watches
• candy/gum
• tents
• cots
• magazines
• food (anything brought will be shared amongst the camper’s group)
• money (there is nowhere to spend it!)
• guns

***Important!!  Please note change for Santa Rosa stop and time below for Sessions B & C as well as Adventure/Survival Boys!!

Be sure to check back to confirm pick up and drop off times in case adjustments are made (they will be slight if any)!

All transportation provided by the Camp is by van or chartered bus. Parents are responsible for the timely arrival of the camper to pick-up locations and for being present at the appropriate time when campers are dropped off on return.

For parents who will be driving their own Campers to camp:
Campers should arrive at the Camp location at 3:00 pm on the first day of their session and will need to be picked up from the Camp location at 9:00 am on the last day.  Detailed directions to the Camp location can be found at the very bottom of our Contact page linked here.

New this year!  A bus stop in San Rafael for Session C, July 22nd and 29th – see schedule below for specific location and times.

2021 Transportation Schedule

The following schedules are the pick up and drop off times for each transportation stop for all programs except Family Camp and the Adult Backpacking program.  July 4th, 13th & 22nd are the pick up dates and July 11th, 20th & 29th are the drop off dates for Core, Challenge and VoyageGirls Advanced pick up is July 22nd and drop off is July 29th, Boys Advanced pick up is July 4th and drop off is July 11th.  Girls Adventure/Survival pick up is July 6th and drop off is July 20th, Boys Adventure/Survival pick up is July 15th and drop off is July 29th.  Graduate pick up is July 11th and drop off is July 20th.  Please contact our office for details if you need to drive your camper to, or pick your camper up from camp.  Plan to arrive at the stop at least 15 minutes early. We recommend you check this schedule the day before your child is to be picked up or dropped off as time are subject to slight changes.

Please note that NO CAMPER WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE BUS IF HIS/HER PARENT/GUARDIAN IS NOT IN ATTENDANCE.  Likewise, no camper will be dropped off at a bus stop if the parent/guardian is not there to pick them up.

South Schedule

 City  Location  Pick Up
July 4, 6, 13, 15, and 22
 Drop Off
July 11, 20, and 29
San Rafael – July 22 & 29 only – Smith Ranch Park & Ride
2 Smith Ranch Rd, San Rafael
11:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m.
Petaluma Petaluma
– Petaluma Library/Fairgrounds
Parking Lot
12:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m.
Santa Rosa Tom Schopflin Fields parking lot
– 4351 Old Redwood Hwy,
Santa Rosa
12:45 p.m. 11:20 a.m.
 Ukiah – Oak Manor Park
500 Oak Manor Dr
 2:10 p.m.  10:10 a.m.


San Rafael – Smith Ranch Rd Park & Ride (2 Smith Ranch Rd)

South Bound on 101:

  1. Take exit 459 for Lucas Valley Rd/Smith Ranch Rd
  2. Take a right onto Lucas Valley Rd and continue under the freeway (Lucas Valley Rd changes to Smith Ranch Rd)
  3. After going under the freeway, continue past the merge from northbound 101 and turn right
  4. Take another right and the Park & Ride will be on your left

North Bound on 101:

  1. Take exit 456 to merge onto Smith Ranch Rd
  2. Merge onto Smith Ranch Rd
  3. Take a right
  4. Take another right and the Park & Ride will be on your left

Petaluma – Library/Fairgrounds Parking Lot

South Bound on 101:

  1. Exit @ East Washington St
  2. Right onto East Washington St

Library/Fairground Parking Lot is on left hand side of street

North Bound on 101:

  1. Exit @ East Washington St
  2. Left onto East Washington St

Library/Fairground Parking Lot is on left hand side of street

Santa Rosa (Tom Schopflin Fields parking lot, 4351 Old Redwood Hwy, Santa Rosa)

South Bound on 101:

  1. Take exit 494 at River Road and Mark West Springs Road
  2. Go east on Mark West Springs Road
  3. Turn right onto Old Redwood Hwy
  4. Take Old Redwood Hwy South

The fields are on the right hand side across from Cardinal Newman High School

North Bound on 101:

  1. Take exit 492 on to Old Redwood Hwy
  2. Take Old Redwood Hwy North for 1.4 miles

The fields are on the left hand side across from Cardinal Newman High School

Ukiah – Oak Manor Park – 525-547 Oak Manor Dr
(search Oak Manor Park in your Map App)

South Bound on 101:

  1. Take Exit 548B to E Gobbi St
  2. Right onto E Gobbi St and over the Freeway
  3. Left on Oak Manor Dr

Oak Manor Park is on left hand side of street

North Bound on 101:

  1. Take Exit 548B to E Gobbi St
  2. Left onto E Gobbi St
  3. Left on Oak Manor Dr

Oak Manor Park is on left hand side of street

North Schedule

 City  Location   Pick Up
July 4,6, 13, 15, and 22
  Drop Off
July 11, 20, and 29
Arcata Ray’s Food Place 12:30 p.m.  12:00 noon
 Eureka Elk River Park & Ride 1:00 p.m. 11:30 a.m.
 Fortuna Fortuna Park & Ride 1:30 p.m. 11:00 a.m.


Arcata- Ray’s Food Place – 5000 Valley West Blvd

South Bound on 101:

  1. Take exit 716B to Guintoli Ln
  2. At the round-about, go left onto Guintoli Ln
  3. Turn right onto Valley West Blvd

Ray’s Food Place will be on your left.

North Bound on 101:

  1. Take exit 716B to Guintoli Ln
  2. At the round-about, go right onto Guintoli Ln
  3. Turn right onto Valley West Blvd

Ray’s Food Place will be on your left.

Eureka -Elk River Park & Ride 

South Bound on 101:

  1. Take exit 702 onto Herrick Ave toward Elk River Rd
  2. Turn right onto Pound Rd/Herrick Ave

You will see the Park & Ride on your right.

North Bound on 101:

  1. Take exit 702 onto Herrick Ave toward Elk River Rd
  2. Turn left onto Herrick Ave

You will see the Park & Ride across the freeway on your right.

Fortuna- Fortuna Park and Ride 

South Bound on 101:

  1. Take exit 687 to Kenmar Rd
  2. Turn left onto Kenmar Rd
  3. Turn right onto Eel River Dr

You will see the Park & Ride on your right.

North Bound on 101:

  1. Take exit 687 to Kenmar Rd
  2. Turn right onto Kenmar Rd
  3. Turn right onto Eel River Dr

You will see the Park & Ride on your right.

We love Waldo Photos!

Again this summer, we’re excited to partner with Waldo Photos, a photo delivery service where you can get all the photos of your camper delivered straight to your phone! No more searching for hours for proof of fun! 

This optional service uses facial recognition to match your camper’s face to photos in our album, and then sends them to your phone via the Waldo app with notifications when new photos are found. Only one parent enrolls per camper. You can then invite 6 other family members to also receive your camper’s photos! Learn how it works in this quick video

How to enroll:
Tap here or text RAC21 to 735-343 and follow the prompts.

Cost per camper

1 Week Session: $14.99
2 Week Session: $24.99

**50% of the proceeds generated goes to our camp scholarship program!

Need help? Email support@waldophotos.com.

Payment Procedures

Redwood Adventure Camp utilizes an online program through CampBrain.com for registration and payment processing. The system is user-friendly and takes you through a step by step process.  Your information will be protected during the registration process using such things as 128-bit SSL web encryption (the same level used by many banks for online banking) as well as storing your data on secure web servers. Your registration information will never be sold or used for any other purpose than the event that you are registering for.  CampBrain has been in the business of software support for Camps for many years and your privacy and security are the highest priority at CampBrain.com.

Applicants may choose to pay in full or simply pay the deposit to complete their registration.  Households with a balance due will receive regular monthly statements.  Payments toward your balance can be made through your CampBrain registration portal at any time or sent to us through Paypal (office@redwoodadventure.org) or paid by check to: Redwood Adventure Camp, PO Box 2156, Napa, CA 94558.

Camp program fees must be paid in full two weeks prior to your camp program start date. If you need to set up an extended payment plan that continues beyond the end of the Camp season, you can do so by submitting a Financial Aid form and choosing the payment plan option.  Please contact our office if you have any questions: email  office@redwoodadventure.org or phone (707) 703-9171.


Sibling Discount
(not applicable to Family Camp)
The first camper is the oldest camper within a family and will be charged full price. Thereafter, siblings registered for camp will receive the following discount(s):

  • 20% off for Second Camper registered in Family
  • 50% off for Third or More Camper(s) in Family

Referral Discount*
Receive $50 off when you “Bring A Friend to Camp” or refer a camper/family to one of our summer camp programs. Refer enough friends and your week at camp could be free! In order to receive the referral discount of $50, the camper/family who is referred should indicate the referral source on their online application.

*These discounts will not be applied during the online registration process. Upon receiving your deposit and online registration as well as the deposit and online registration of the camper you referred, our Administrative staff will make the necessary adjustments in your account to reflect the above discounts towards your outstanding balance if applicable. You discount will be included on all future statements.

If you have questions related to discounts & billing, please email office@redwoodadventure.org or call (707) 703-9171.

Financial Aid

For over 50 years Redwood Adventure Camp has provided a very unique opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, leadership development, environmental stewardship, lifelong personal connections, fun and adventure.  We have consistently held true to our belief that all children should experience this opportunity regardless of their financial circumstances. To help accomplish this goal we offer financial assistance in the form of camperships.  We also offer a wide range of financial options including partial camperships, payment plans and various combinations of the two.

To apply for financial aid, register you child(ren) in their preferred session and choose the “Financial Aid” session as well in order to complete our financial aid form. When you check out, choose the Deposit Only payment option.  All registrations, regardless of the need for financial assistance require a deposit ($100).  This deposit will be refunded to you in the event that you do not receive the amount of financial aid you require.  Applications are reviewed and financial assistance is awarded on a first come, first served basis. We will contact you when we have processed your application.

Please note, only applicants who are in good standing with Camp and do not owe a balance from previous seasons will be considered for financial aid.

Payment Plans and Partial Camperships

In the last few years it has become increasingly difficult to fund this opportunity for all campers who have a financial need to fill.  We ask that before you request a full campership, please take a moment to consider the possibility of participating in a payment plan or partial campership.

Every amount that can be funded by you, regardless of it’s size, is a campership that we can stretch farther than before, allowing us the opportunity to serve an even greater population.  As always, we thank the hundreds of donors who support our campership program and allow us to better serve our community. If you are interested in enrolling in a payment plan or receiving a partial campership, you must complete a Financial Aid Application when registering.

Payment Plans

Participating in a payment plan extends the time for you to make all outstanding payments towards your balance to December 31 following your Camp program. If you’d like to enroll in a payment plan for this summer, simply choose the Financial Aid Application when registering and choose the payment plan option when completing the form.

Please contact our office if you have further questions regarding financial aid.

Please note, only applicants who are in good standing with Camp and do not owe a balance from previous seasons will be considered for financial aid.

We encourage parents to keep in contact with their campers throughout the session.  You can do so in a number of ways.


Mail is checked, delivered and distributed daily during the sessions.  Campers will have time each day to write letters.  We suggest you send your camper with ample stationary and postage.

Care Packages

If you intend to send your camper a care package, we recommend that you do so in the first few days of your camper’s session. Because of our location, it often takes a while for a package to be delivered.  Sending your care package early will ensure that your camper will receive his or her package before the end of the session.

Parents please note – food included in Care packages will be shared by your camper’s group.  This is done to prevent any group member from feeling excluded.

Our mailing address for camper mail is:
P.O. Box 237
Leggett, CA 95585


You are welcome to email your camper at office@redwoodadventure.org.  E-mail is checked daily and your message will be printed and given to your camper.  Your child will not be able to e-mail you in return, however, campers are given time each day to write letters. Because of our remote location internet speed can be slow! Please do not send attachments or pictures with or in your e-mail. In an effort to save costly materials such as printer ink, we would also request that you limit your messages to 1 e-mail a day.  Thank you!


In the case that your child is homesick, the staff will do everything they can to ease your child’s troubles.  Parents will be contacted if homesickness doesn’t fade and interferes unduly with the child’s experience.  Telephone conversations between parents and homesick children are a last resort, as they most often worsen homesickness and lead to a child’s early return home.


Parents will be contacted if a child develops a high fever or any other sickness that may require outside medical attention, or if a child sustains an injury that requires hospital care.  Parents are generally not notified in the case of mild coughs or colds, minor twists or strains, scratches, bug bites, unless the illness or injury will require further care upon the camper’s return home.  Parents will be notified immediately if their camper’s ailment is interfering with their child’s camp experience. Medical care at Camp is overseen by certified staff and we have a consulting MD on call.

If you need to reach someone at Camp, July – Aug.
Please call (707) 984-6877 (Rings at the Eel River)